Tip of the day (Avoiding a dirty sensor)

If you’ve got a DSLR you’ve probably had the experience of uploading your photos onto your computer after a long day of photography – only to find that there are dark ‘spots’ and ‘blotches’ on your pictures. These spots and blotches appear on all your shots in exactly the same position. They might be less […]

Tip of the day (Questions to Ask When Choosing ISO)

When choosing the ISO setting I should generally ask myself the following four questions: Light – Is the subject well lit? Grain – Do I want a grainy shot or one without noise? Tripod – Am I using a tripod? Moving Subject – Is my subject moving or stationary? If there is plenty of light, I want little grain, […]

Tip of the day (Light)

Have you ever been photographing a subject with tricky lighting or lots of variation between bright and darker areas but were not sure what exposure setting to go with? One way to work in such situations is to manually play around with your exposure control and take a series of shots – the problem with […]

You still have time to save!

At the Photo and Film Expo we launched our exciting 20% Discount special. It was a great success and we would like to thank everyone for their support. That being said, we want to remind you that the special runs until the 31st of March 2014. Make sure you book in time!

Tip of the day (Exposing correctly)

If you have a modern camera, the chances are that the default metering system is ‘center weighted average’, which means that, although it takes an average reading of the whole scene, it takes more notice of what is in the middle of the frame. Which is good news for us. The other good news is […]

Tip of the day (Direction of Lighting)

Photography is all about light, the direction of the light falling on your subject is most important, you must look at your subject carefully and see how the shadows fall. If you are able to choose the time of day to shoot your pictures, try to pick a time when the sun is low in […]

Tip of the day (When to Bracket)

Bracketing is very useful when the lighting is difficult, the background keeps changing or there is too much contrast. You then have a set of pictures to choose from when you get home. You can even choose bits from different pictures if you are a keen Photoshopper. When you are photographing a nice peaceful landscape […]

Tip of the day (Rgb VS srgb)

Now you might immediately think, as I did, that more colours must be a good thing so that must be the one to go for. Well unfortunately it’s not that simple. Having all those extra colours available is only of any use if the display medium can actually display those colours. And the bad news […]

Tip of the day (Choose the Right Mode)

Your camera is likely to have scores of shooting modes, ranging from fully automatic operation to very specific scene modes. If you’re shooting fast action you can put the camera into Shutter Priority (“S”) mode and increase the speed at which a photo is taken—setting it to 1/125 second or faster will help to freeze […]