Tip of the day (5 portrait Posing tips)

#1 Position Subject Sideways

Move the  body so shifted to the side in a polished yet comfortable stance. Turning partially sideways towards the camera elongates the body and makes the subject appear taller.

#2 Chin Down

Direct your subject to keep her chin down, but not pressed closely against her neck.

#3 Shoot from Above

Images taken from above slim the face and prevent an unfavourable “up the nose” shot. The high angle captures features best and draws light into the eyes, making for perfect catchlights. Climbing on a chair or stool to capture the image makes a huge difference.

#4 Wall Posing

To focus on your subject and maintain a desirable background blur, have your subject step away from the area behind him. If he’s too further back, he’ll blend in with the background and the image will lose the bokeh effect. Leaning on one side of the body while not too close to the wall behind him is most preferable.

#5 Relaxed Hands

Hands in the subject’s pocket or gently brushing against the face or hair looks natural. Keep the focus on the person’s face by making sure that the hands don’t overtake the shot.