Tip of the day (Categories of lenses)

Wide angle Lenses:

Ultra wide angle

Standard wide angle
Fish eyes

Normally gives one a view wider than your eyes can see without turning ones head.Used for photographing inside of buildings, ultra wide landscapes, etc.

Standard Lenses:

Gives a view similar to what the eye can see. These lenses are normally shipped with cameras as a bundle.

Portrait lenses:

These lenses come in both zoom and fixed focal lengths. Used primary for taking of portraits.

Macro lenses:

In both Zoom and fixed focal lengths, used primary for macro work. The better lenses are 1:1 ratio lenses. They normally also double well as portrait lenses.

Telephoto Lenses:

In both Zoom and fixed focal lengths, these lenses normally are classified from a focal length of 150mm upwards.

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