Tip of the day (Creative shooting for the sky)

Ever seen an image where the bride and groom are perfectly lit yet around them the photographer has captured the sky perfectly with all the colors of the setting sun (oranges blues and yellows) perfectly exposed. Have you tried to take the same image and blown out the sky.
Heres how to do it. With your camera on manual mode, expose with your metering for the sky (ie expose with your focus point on the sky. Your camera has now exposed correctly for the sky. Holding down your AE-L button (auto exposure lock) recompose onto the couple and take the shot. This will now cause the sky to be exposed correctly.
You may now ask will not the couple be to dark, correct, however we allow the flash to light the couple.
With the sky exposre locked in and the flash lighting the couple, we get the best of both worlds, a perfectly lit sky and a perfectly lit couple. Go and practice this technique.