Tip of the day (Preventing Blur)

As a photographer we often take that important shot and are very disappointed when we get home and see it is out of focus and blurred.
Here are some tips on preventing blurred or out of focus images.
1. Shoot in the correct AF mode ie: AFS on the Nikon and single shot on the Canon for static subjects. Shoot in AFC mode on the Nikon and AI Servo mode on the Canon when the subject is moving.
2. Use a stable support ie bean bag or tripod when shutter speeds are low.
3. Make use of higher ISO’s when shutter speed is to low.
4. Lower your aperture when shutter speeds are to low.
5. Ensure you shoot at a minimum of 1×5 your focal length in terms of shutter speed.
6. In poor light make use of your flash to freeze movement.