Tip of the day (Rules of Composition)

So what makes a great image and not just another picture?

Rule of Thirds (always keep a subject on a third, horizontally or vertically)

KISS (Simplicity) Don’t complicate your images
Leading Lines (Make use of roads, rivers, fences etc)

Straighten the Horizon (Land or sea horizons must always be straight)

Symmetry and Balance (An image must be balanced)

Framing (Make us of natural subjects to frame your image ie: door frames windows or trees)

Perspective (Angles) Don’t always stand straight, change your angle for a better and different look)

Colour (Eyes will always be attracted to the color red first)

Light (Understanding light is 90% of the shot)

Get Closer, Get on Eye Level (Nothing worse than shooting from to low or to high)

Have fun! The most important rule