Tip of the day (Rules of Composition)


  • So what makes a great image and not just another picture?
  • Rule of Thirds (always keep a subject on a third, horizontally or vertically)
  • KISS (Simplicity) Don’t complicate your images
  • Leading Lines (Make use of roads, rivers fences etc)
  • Straighten the Horizon (Land or sea horizons must always be straight)
  • Symmetry and Balance (An image must be balanced)
  • Framing (Make us of natural subjects to frame yoru image ie: door frames windows or trees)
  • Perspective (Angles) Don’t always stand straight on change your abgle for a better and different look)
  • Colour Eyes will always be attracted to the color red first)
  • Light (Understanding light is 90% of the shot)
  • Get Closer, Get on Eye Level (Nothing worse than shooting from to low or to high)
  • Have fun! The most important rule)