Tip of the day (Studio Backdrops)

The two main backdrops we would use in a studio is black and white.
We often see in images the white backdrop turning grey and likewise the black backdrop also turning grey or shades of black. Both methods when done wrong require a lot of editing to correct, which if done correctly in the first place does not need editing.
When shooting on white, one can use muslin, paper or a pvc backdrop, and the backdrop is lit with two studio lights, one on both sides, at a F stop to a F stop and a half higher than your key light. This will ensure your white back drop is white and requires no editing.
To have black stay black, ensure the model is placed at least 3 meters from the backdrop and there is NO light spill what so ever from your lights onto the back drop. This will ensure blacks stay black. Materials for black back drops can include muslin, paper or black velvet.