Tip of the day (When to Bracket)

Bracketing is very useful when the lighting is difficult, the background keeps changing or there is too much contrast. You then have a set of pictures to choose from when you get home. You can even choose bits from different pictures if you are a keen Photoshopper.

When you are photographing a nice peaceful landscape you have time to study the pictures and, more importantly, the histograms, and take another shot if necessary. Conversely, when you are shooting sports, there is no time for bracketing as every second, or even fraction of a second. However, when you are taking pictures of people or things moving at normal speed, pictures of the kids playing for instance, then bracketing with a fast ‘drive’ is not a bad idea.

Many of us have had otherwise good photos that have been spoiled by a burnt out highlight on the face. These would have benefited from a shorter exposure. Likewise I have pictures that came out too dark and, although they can be saved to some extent by careful editing, they lack the range of tones you would get in a properly exposed photo.