Tip of the day (White balance)

Preset white balance settings:

 Auto – The camera makes a best guess on a shot by shot basis. This setting works most of the time, but the camera does have a habit of getting it wrong often when it matters most.

 Tungsten – In this mode the symbol is normally a little bulb,and is for shooting indoors especially under tungsten (incandescent) lighting such as a normal bulb etc. It generally cools down the colors in the photo.

Fluorescent –  This compensates for the cool light of fluorescent lighting and will warm up the colors in the photo. Used for indoors under fluorescent lighting conditions.

Daylight/Sunny – Used outdoors under sunny or daylight conditions, when the sun is out, and you are shooting not in shaded areas.

Cloudy –  This setting generally warms up the photo and is a touch more warmer than sunny/daylight mode.

Flash – The flash of a camera can generally be quite cool light so flash WB generally warms up the shot a touch. Also used in studio.

Shade – The light in shade is generally cooler  (bluer) than when shooting in direct sunlight so this mode will warm things up a bit.

Kelvin – Kelvin is the degrees measured as K of the color temperature. Most cameras , enable you to adjust your color temperature in degrees Kelvin.

To shooting studio and less noise – shoot Kelvin 5400K

Shooting in the golden hour  (1hour after sunrise and 1 hour after sunset)